Pet Dental Care

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At Forest Lakes Animal Clinic, we know that oral health can often be an indicator of general health and well-being. That’s why we make sure to offer a comprehensive range of pet dentistry services while delivering preventative tooth care and treatments to ensure that your pet maintains a happy and healthy smile that shows!

We strongly encourage that all our clients take an active interest in the oral health of their pets and assist in the care of their pets by brushing their teeth regularly. You also may want to consider giving your pet dental chews as both a treat and to implement consistent, preventative dental care techniques.

Dental care may seem simple, but intensive treatments can become necessary if a routine level of care is not implemented consistently. Issues that may occur include periodontal and gum disease, tooth fracturing, tooth root abscess or other conditions that may arise from potential neglect.

Many Pet Owners Ask, “How Do I Know If Something Is Wrong?”

You can keep an eye on the oral health of your pet by looking out for the following signs:

  • Bad breath

  • Teeth discoloration

  • Swollen or bleeding gums

  • Indications of irritation, including a suppressed appetite or changes in behavior.

The right approach to oral care starts with the right awareness and tools. If you notice a change in your pet’s behavior, it may mean that there is an issue related to oral health or a need for a more comprehensive examination. If you have any questions regarding approaches to dental care, the services we provide, oral health care tips or if you have any other inquiries, simply call us today at (941) 241-0100.

Forest Lakes Animal Clinic will keep your pet smiling with our proven, personalized approach to optimal oral health!

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