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FLAC helps to provide complete guidance and useful information on pet health and wellness, disseminating essential tips for the benefit of all the pets.

The health concerns that the client needs to know majorly includes kidney, diabetes and other related diseases pertaining to the pet.

The purpose of providing you with such insightful information is to facilitate proactive learning and ensure that the pet owner optimally attains the essential knowledge with regard to the nutrition, vaccinations, dental care, and other critical scenarios.

At Forest Lakes Animal Clinic, we incorporate preventive care in order to undertake more precautions while taking care of the pet. To facilitate the life-long wellness of your pet, we provide you a gamut of resources for maintaining the health and safety of your pets.

Have a look at our FAQs to get a general idea of pet care and wellness. However, contact us to get any further details on pet health resources.

Resource Links


Behavior in Cats

Behavior in Dogs

Bird Care

Cat Care

Disaster Preparedness

Disease and Treatment

Dental Care

Exotic Animal Care (Rodents, Aquatics)

​​​​​​​Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

Ferret Health and Behavior

For Kids!

General Pet Care (Lodging with Pets/Entertaining and Informative Articles)

Healthy Living and Nutrition

Heart Disease



Parasites and Zoonotic Disease

Pet Loss Support

Prevention of Animal Cruelty

Pet Insurance Company Recommendations by Veterinary Medical Clinic


Seasonal Pet Safety Tips

​​​​​​​Senior Pet Care

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